Welcome to Department of English

Daw Soe Moe Thu
B.A (English), M.A (YUFL)
Diploma in English Language Teaching
Lecturer/ Head
Department of English
University of Pharmacy, Yangon


History of Department

          The Institute of Pharmacy was first established in 1992 January 30th at Thathon Street, Kamayut Township, Yangon. At that time, the student who have got (D.P.M.S) Pharmacy, the Diploma in Paramedical Sciences in Pharmacy, have to study only the subjects concerning with Pharmacy. They don’t need to study English as a subject. It is just a two-year course. The English Course at the Institute of Pharmacy commenced in (1994-95) academic year with 50 matriculated students. At that time, Head and the staff members of the English Department of the Institute of Medicine (1) took the responsibility in teaching English.
          On 7th May 2001, the Institute was moved to Waibargi, North Okkalapa and since then Head and the staff members from the English Department of the Institute of Medicine (2), took over the responsibility to teach English at the Institute of Pharmacy.
          On 19th December 2001, Daw Sarjit Kaur became Lecturer / Head of the English Department at the Institute of Pharmacy according to the new set-up. From 2012 to 2014, the Department of English came under the guidance of Daw Hla Hla Win , the former Lecturer/ Head of the Department of English ,University of Medicine (2) since she was transferred to the University of Pharmacy (Yangon), as Lecturer/ Head of the Department of English.During a few months between the period when Daw Hla Hla Win got retired and the period when the new Head took the responsibility, Daw Sarjit Kaur,  Lecturer/ Head of the University of Medicine (2) was in charge of both at the Department of English, University of Medicine (2) and  the Department of English, University of Pharmacy (Yangon).
The Department now has a Head (Lecturer), an assistant lecturer and one tutor. It is run by the present Head, Daw Soe Moe Thu and the staff members. English is taught as a subject only to the first year students.


Departmental objectives

At the end of the course, the students will have
  • acquired knowledge of the grammatical structure, usage and relevant language functions for communicative purposes. (K)
  • acquired incidentally some background knowledge of concepts basic to medical science and comprehensive health care. (K)
  • learned to be accurate and precise through reading for medical purpose based-texts and doing a variety of exercises. (K)
  • developed proficiency in listening, reading and writing skills to cope linguistically with their content subjects, not only in their under-graduate studies but also with continuing education including their post-graduate studies. (S)
  • learned to be methodical by organizing facts, figures and ideas logically and coherently. (S)
  • acquired fluency and accuracy in expressing themselves on a variety of themes related to medical science and total health care. (S)
  • learned to be self-reliant through programmed learning (self-learning packages), listening to recorded lessons on tapes and doing extensive reading. (S)
  • developed an awareness of sensitivity to health needs of the community. (A)
  • acquired a sense of responsibility towards the health problems of the community and other issues and problems related to health. (A)

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