Welcome to Department of Pharmaceutics

Prof. Dr. Cho Yi Myint
Professor and Head
B.Sc. (Zoology), D.P.M.S. (Pharmacy)
B.Pharm. (Ygn), M.Pharm. (Ygn), Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics) 
E.mail. cyi6876@gmail.com
History of Department
  • The Department of Pharmaceutics was established by Mr. Fowler (Colombo) in 1964 at Institute of Paramedical Science, Rangoon General Hospital.
  • Mr. Fowler (Colombo) and U Myint Thein served as Head of the Department. At that time, there was only Diploma Training for which the teaching programme was based on British course.
  • The Department began Bachelor course in 1992 with U Myint Thein as the first Head of the Department, Institute of Pharmacy, Yangon.
  • The Department began Master course in 2003 and Ph.D course in 2013.



Aim and Objectives

            The goal of the Department of Pharmaceutics is to:
  1. Provide an educational background focusing the theoretical and practical disciplines necessary for dosage form design and evaluation.
  2. Perform the test methods for quality control of different dosage forms.
  3. Offer the basic and advanced technology used in drug development, production process and machines for manufacturing
  4. Describe the principles of important GMP guidelines adopted in drug manufacturing.
  5. Give knowledge related to economic, drug system and policy development leading to improvement in health service system.
  6. Contribute the students’ creativity, social responsibility and leadership skill.


Former Heads
  • U Myint Thein (D.P.M.S. (Pharmacy), M.I.Pharm.)
  • Prof. Dr. Thein Mi (B.Sc. (Chemistry), D.P.M.S. (Pharmacy), B.Pharm., M.Pharm., Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics), Dip.Med.Ed., Dip. in English, Dip. in Animal Hub)

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